Püttmann is a market leader for high quality licenced garments and accessories in Europe. Licences on offer cover a wide range of well-known brands including Disney, Topmodel or Gruffalo. Püttmann’s approach is unique in that Püttmann does not only offer distinct programmes of garments for each licenced theme, but also a full set of matching accessories. Püttmann is also an established partner of a number of global brands in the development and marketing of their childrenswear collections.


Püttmann is recognized for its high and consistent standards of quality, its reliability and its commitment to social fairness. Especially the making of clothes for children which requires great care and attention in the selection of fabrics, the definition of suitable designs and the identification of the appropriate workmanship. Only well grounded technical expertise and experience will be able to meet these challenges. Founded in 1836 in the Westphalian town of Warburg, the company shares a long tradition in textiles and garments. Up to this day, the manufacturing of Püttmann products is done in its fully owned specialised sites with a certified organisation and quality management system. 


Püttmann products are designed by an international design team that constantly engages with new trends in colours, fabrics, techniques and concepts. The love of cartoon characters mixes with the desire to present these in an ever new and trendy fashion, taking up creative impulses from different parts of Europe and from around the world. Both are underpinned by a great sensibility to technical details and an ingrained tradition of craftsmanship.

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